EU to debate over Kosovo's independence

Foreign ministers of a number of EU countries are to meet Monday in Brussels to debate over the recognition of Kosovo's independence hours after it was proclaimed by the state's parliament, BBC reported.

EU to debate over Kosovo's independence

Britain, France and Germany are likely to support the fledgling state.

Serbia's PM has already denounced Kosovo as a "false state".

A split emerged at the UN Security Council when Russia said the country's declaration should be null and void as there was no basis for changing a 1999 resolution on Kosovo's status.

A total of seven Western states, however, including the United States, the UK, Belgium and France issued a statement saying the situation had moved on.

China expressed its "deep concern" about Kosovo's declaration of independence, urging it to reopen talks with Serbia and called on all sides to keep to their commitments and refrain from violence.

A second emergency session is due to be held later on Monday.

Bulgaria and Slovakia, have also indicated that they would recognise Kosovo immediately.


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