'EU will recognize Kosovo if it splits from Serbia'

The European Union will quickly recognize Kosovo if it breaks away from Serbia, a senior German diplomat said Monday.

'EU will recognize Kosovo if it splits from Serbia'
Wolfgang Ischinger, the EU's representative at the just ended Kosovo talks, said in a radio interview that a decision would probably be reached in the next few days.

But he said the EU would insist an independent Kosovo respects legislation governing minority rights and approves the modern constitution that has already been drafted.

He told Berlin's RBB radio that Kosovo would not be a sovereign state like Germany or France because it will continue to require "comprehensive, international protection."

"NATO will continue to have troops there. There will be an international presence of either the United Nations or the European Union. It will be an internationally supervised independence," he said.

Ischinger headed the US-EU-Russia troika tasked with cutting a deal between the leaders of Kosovo and Serbia.

He was expected to tell EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels Monday that talks with Kosovo representatives and Serbia had failed.

Kosovo leaders have said they will declare unilateral independence if there is no negotiated settlement to their demands for independent statehood by the official deadline of December 10.


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