Families of Iraq War Soldiers Blast Blair

Grieving families of British soldiers killed in Iraq marched Wednesday, March 1, to British Prime Minister Tony Blair's office and handed an open letter blasting the premier for refusing repeatedly to meet them face to face to defend his polices in Iraq a

Families of Iraq War Soldiers Blast Blair

"It is time for you to take us and our views seriously. We believe we speak for the majority in this country in our desire to bring the troops home. We ask you to treat us with respect," read the letter, which was published by the Independent newspaper.

"We feel passionately that it is time to bring our troops home. We would, of course, like the chance to say all this to you in person. As you know, we have sought meetings with you, to no avail. That seems to us a serious dereliction of your responsibilities."

Their move comes in the aftermath of two more deaths of British servicemen in Iraq, bringing the UK death toll to 103, and as the number of mothers, fathers and wives of dead servicemen campaigning against the war continues to grow.

In the past months, the families have asked for meetings, but their requests have been turned down. (Click to read the letter's in full)

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