Females campaign for Syrian parliamentary election

1004 females campaign for the ninth Syrian parliamentary election among a total of 9770 candidates.

Females campaign for Syrian parliamentary election
By Zina Khairi

Syrian Interior Ministry announced the candidates' list for the ninth Syrian parliamentary election, which will start on the 22nd of this month.

The Ministry also issued new additional regulations to ease getting permission for to participate in this new parliament election.

During a press conference, Deputy Interior Minister announced that there are 9770 candidates running against each other, among them there are 1004 female candidates, which is the highest female percentage in parliamentary elections in Syrian history.

Many women showed their support towards the women participants in this high Syrian legislation institution.

They are happy that they found a new voice to present them.

One woman said, "This is the first time in Syrian history, that there are sixty females from Damascus, the Syrian capital, running for the seats in the parliament."

The election campaign among the candidates started as soon as the authority announced the candidates' lists, where campaigns' banners covered Syrian cities' streets and buildings.

Candidates are busy with distributing their fliers and banners to show their qualifications and promises to the public.

It's worth mentioning that the first Syrian parliamentary election was held in 1973. And in the last election there were 852 female candidates from all the fifteen Syrian provinces.

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