Fireworks banned across Beijing during Olympics

Fireworks will be banned across the Chinese capital for three months in the latest in a series of security measures ahead of the August Beijing Olympics, state media said on Tuesday.

Fireworks banned across Beijing during Olympics
Public transport has been subject to stringent security checks, and liquids, matches and lighters have been banned in hand luggage on domestic flights after a plot to blow up a plane was uncovered in March.

"The ban on firecrackers and fireworks will be extended to areas beyond the Fifth Ring Road," the China Daily said, referring to a major orbital highway several miles (km) outside the city proper.

The firework ban will last from July 1 to Oct. 8. The Games begin on Aug. 8.

The sale of firecrackers would also be prohibited and all stocks will be stored in warehouses specially designated by the city's safety administration, the newspaper said.

Gas stations within 300 metres of Olympic venues and all Games-designated gas stations would have to install video surveillance equipment and "explosion-prevention devices", the newspaper said.

"Gas stations can be dangerous places and we will attach great attention to preventing accidents," Zhang Jiaming, head of the Beijing administration of work safety, was quoted as saying.


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