FM Gül requests rights of Kosovar Turks be protected

Turkish F.M.Abdullah Gül requested that as definitive decisions are being made regarding Kosovo the rights of minorities should be considered.

FM Gül requests rights of Kosovar Turks be protected
Gül called on Albanians to "act responsibly" because in the decision-making process "in order to attain longevity in the peace process, it is important that the legal rights of minorities are guaranteed."
On his second and last day of meetings in Albania, he met with President Alfreo Moisiu, president of the Assembly Jozefina Topalli and Prime Minister Sali Berisha. Gül evaluated his meetings at a press conference held at the Turkish Embassy, pointing out that he was in Albania on the day of the release of a report by UN Kosovo Special Representative Martti Ahtisari. With hours remaining before the Finnish representative's release of the report, Gül said, "I hope the rights of the majority are established, but not at the expense of minority rights."
Gül added: "Kosovo is a big issue to tackle. Kosovo is for the Balkans what Cyprus is to [Turkey], but it is also a meaningful subject for us because there is a Turkish minority in Kosovo. There needs to be a resolution that protects the rights of everyone in the country. This will only work to increase peace and stability in the Balkans." When a reporter reminded Gül that Turkish was previously the official language of five cities in Kosovo but not it was only official in Prizren, Gül responded, "The rights of the Turkish minorities need to be protected."
Gül drew attention to the fact that the Muslim majority in Kosovo shared the same religion as the Turks living there, saying that this would only assist with finding a solution, adding that, "it is important that Albanians, who are a majority, act responsibly." Gül spoke about the historic connection between Turkey and Albania, drawing attention to the success of schools belonging to formal and civil organizations. Gül said: "The schools have become very successful. The historic bond between the two countries has become stronger since numerous state officials have sent their children to these schools."
Gül added that there was great potential in Albania for Turkish businessmen: "There is room for more investment; there is a lot of work to be done here." Gül indicated that large business firms such as the Çalýk Group were already on the lookout for investment options in Albania and that Turkish businessmen could invest in fields such as tourism and energy.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 20 Eylül 2018, 18:16