FM: 'Turkey has a policy of zero-problem'

Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan delivered a speech on Tuesday at U.S. think-tank Atlantic Council.

FM: 'Turkey has a policy of zero-problem'
Responding to a question on a lawsuit to close the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party, Babacan said the court's decision would be final.

"The Constitutional Court is assessing the case. But when dealing with this issue, principles such as separation of powers and the independence of the judiciary should be preserved. Whatever the court would say, whether we like it or not, it would be the final decision, which needs to be complied with," Babacan said.

"When speaking about the nature of the Republic of Turkey, I describe the country as a democratic, secular and a social rule of law. And Turkey is a country that embraces all these values," he said.

Babacan also said the Turkish government had always acted on a strong ground of legal and international legitimacy.

Speaking on Turkey's relations with its neighbors, Babacan said his government followed a policy of zero-problem.

"Turkey have had bad relations with Syria for decades but instead of isolating Syria, Turkey chose to develop a policy of dialogue. We have been able to make Syria a part of the solution by talking more," Babacan said. "Syria has more confidence in Turkey."

Babacan also said Turkey had been exerting efforts to normalize its relations with Armenia as well.


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