Food aid from Turkish Red Crescent to Kosovo

Turkish aid organization Kizilay's (Red Crescent) food assistance worth of 105,000 YTL has been dispatched from Istanbul to Kosovo on Tuesday.

Food aid from Turkish Red Crescent to Kosovo
Red Crescent Director Tekin Kucukali said there is a domestic turmoil in Kosovo after it declared its independence, and Turkey is helping this country.

Kucukali said Red Crescent's assistance which was collected within the scope of civilian-military cooperation will be handed over to Kosovar people.

They had helped Lebanon and Gaza previously, Kucukali said and added that Red Crescent team which went to Kosovo will stop by Macedonia before it return to Turkey.

Kucukali said Red Crescent team will carry out observations in Macedonia and then set up greenhouses there with contributions of businessmen and civilian-military solidarity. (1 USD = 1.26 YTL)


Güncelleme Tarihi: 19 Mart 2008, 10:27