France has discriminative stance on Turkey

Turkish Foreign Ministry Spokesman Burak Ozugergin said on Tuesday that Turkey felt uneasy over efforts to reflect a discriminative stance towards Turkey in the constitutional amendment in France regarding the enlargement of the EU.

France has discriminative stance on Turkey
The Turkish spokesman, responding to a question, said he hoped the provision in the bill making references to Turkey would be corrected soon "in line with the proposals of commonsensical French politicians."

Ozugergin said French National Assembly approved the provision that "holding a referendum would be obligatory to approve the EU accession of any country whose population surpasses five percent of the EU population", noting that the provision would be voted in the Congress after being discussed in the Senate.

Ozugergin said Turkey felt uneasy over the efforts to reflect discriminative approaches in the French constitution towards Turkey although relations between Turkey and the EU have a conventional and political past for more than 40 years and although full membership negotiations were launched with the approval of France.

The spokesman said such kind of discriminative approaches would inevitably damage bilateral relations and have a negative impact on traditional friendship between the peoples of the two parties.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 04 Haziran 2008, 14:09