Free Gaza doctors to do surgical operations on Sep 22

A boat carrying peace activists is scheduled to arrive in Gaza later this month, one of the organizers said Thursday.

Free Gaza doctors to do surgical operations on Sep 22

The boat will arrive in Gaza on September 22, Jamal al-Khodari, head of the Popular Committee to Challenge the [Israeli] Siege, said. The vessel will carry members of the European parliament, doctors and members of the media.

The boat is the third such boat to arrive in Gaza in recent weeks. On August 23, two boats carrying 44 foreign peace activists as well as Palestinians braved the Israeli siege on Gaza after sailing from Cyprus.

The two boats returned to Cyprus after a few days but left nine activists behind, including the sister-in-law of former British prime minister Tony Blair, Lauren Booth.

Egypt and Israel prevented on Wednesday Booth, the other eight foreign activists and several Palestinian patients to cross their borders with the Gaza Strip.

"The doctors, who are basically physicians and surgeons, and have different medical and surgical specialties will stay in Gaza to do surgical operations for patients who are barred to leave Gaza," said al-Khodary.

He added that when the boat returns to Cyprus, it will carry the nine activists, who are not allowed to return through Israel or Egypt.

It is not clear if Israel this time would prevent the third ship reach Gaza shores on September 22.


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