Gallipoli Victory Commemorated Despite Rain

People all around Turkey flooded to Canakkale where thousands of soldiers were martyred.

Gallipoli Victory Commemorated Despite Rain

 While the 91st anniversary of the Gallipoli victory against the attack of allied fleets on the Dardanelles Straits (during World War I) was commemorated with joy throughout the country, excitement peaked in Canakkale. People all around Turkey flooded to Canakkale where thousands of soldiers were martyred.

The public showed a great interest to the commemoration ceremonies, which were held in the 90th Year Culture Center instead of 18 March Stadium due to the rain. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and five ministers attended the ceremonies along with military and civilian officials. Landing on the Martyrs Monument in the Gallipoli Peninsula in a helicopter, Prime Minister Erdogan visited the martyrs' tomb first. Then, he went to the ceremony site after saluting the citizens. Starting his speech by reminding the sacred memory of the martyrs, Erdogan asserted, "The places where our martyrs lie are the shields of our country. Those who do not recognize the Turkish public should take a look at Gallipoli. We will never show any weakness in carrying this holy trust to the next generations. Nobody should feel any suspicion about our determination and sensitivity." Emphasizing on the importance of the Gallipoli victory 91 years ago in terms of both Turkish and world history, Erdogan said the war opened a new horizon for carrying world peace and humanitarian values to the 21st century.

"These territories are sacred territories, which witnessed the biggest independence struggle in world history. These are holy territories where our nation sacrificed nearly a generation of its people. We gather here on every March 18 in order to read a glorious page in our nation's history line by line. A total of 91 years have passed since this legend; yet, the Gallipoli torch has never faded in our hearts, "explained Erdogan. He reminded that Turkish people are one of those nations who know the value of independence most in a world where wars and political dominations continue. "We are indebted to this high sprit as the reason of our remaining so clean, today. Our biggest wealth is the independence of this country and our people," added Erdogan.

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