Georgia summons Russia's envoy over troop protest

Georgia's Foreign Ministry summoned Russia's envoy Monday to hand over a protest note after Moscow deployed troops to the breakaway region of Abkhazia, Russian news agencies reported.

Georgia summons Russia's envoy over troop protest
Media reported Saturday that a unit of Russian troops was being sent to the region at Abkhazia.

The Foreign Ministry says the deployment indicates Russia is preparing for military intervention.

"Georgia has many times warned the international community that Russia blatantly violates the international law - and these violations are very dangerous - in particular that it makes steps directed against Georgia's territorial integrity. There is no doubt that the Russian side wants to annex the internationally acknowledged integral part of Georgia through intervention," the Georgian Foreign Ministry said in a statement
on Sunday.

"Russia has been hiding behind CIS decisions on peacekeepers up to the moment," but now it "deployed troops in Abkhazia" without any link to peacekeepers, and "this is the manifestation of direct aggression," the statement says.

"If the issue is not about preparing required infrastructure for a military intervention, then the restoration of railroads does not need troops. Moreover, Russia deployed railway troops on the Georgian territory without coordinating it with the Georgian government," it says.

"The Georgian Foreign Ministry is authorized to say that the responsibility for consequences of this hostile act will be on Russia," the statement says.

Tbilisi also calls on the international community "to immediately take decisive measures to counter large-scale military aggression against a sovereign state," the document says.

Abkhazia and South Ossetia, another breakaway region in Georgia, have been a source of tension between Russia and Georgia.

Tensions have also been fueled by Georgia's unmanned reconnaissance flights over Abkhazia and its plans to join NATO and integrate into other Western structures.

A UN report last Monday confirmed a Georgian drone was shot down by a Russian aircraft over Abkhazia on April 20. Moscow, which denies the allegation.


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