Germany indicts 11 members of neo-Nazi group

German prosecutors have indicted 11 members of Sturm 34, a neo-Nazi group which was outlawed in April after racist violence in and near the town of Mittweida, an official said Tuesday.

Germany indicts 11 members of neo-Nazi group
Geert Mackenroth, justice minister of Saxony state, added that the prosecutors had conducted 54 sets of proceedings, a term which includes ordering summary fines, against Sturm 34 members.

The 11 would face serious charges including establishing a criminal organization, he said.

He was responding to allegations that the crackdown on Sturm 34 had been too lax.

Earlier this month, four louts used a sharp object to scratch a swastika in the skin of teenage girl's hip after she had defended a 6-year-old immigrant girl from a racist attack in Mittweida. One of the attackers had Sturm 34 badges in his possession.

Rural areas of Saxony state have been especially susceptible to neo-Nazis.

The mayor of Mittweida, Matthias Damm, wrote to residents Tuesday asking them to come forward with evidence against the four attackers, saying a conviction was needed to prevent more damage to the community's good name.


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