Germany jails man for racist attack on Indians

A court in Germany has sentenced a 23-year-old German to eight months in prison for leading a mob that attacked eight Indian men in eastern Germany.

Germany jails man for racist attack on Indians
"The accused has been found guilty of inciting racial hatred and destruction of property and sentenced to eight months in prison," a court spokeswoman spokeswoman said after the verdict late on Tuesday.

A mob of about 50 people attacked and injured the Indians at a fair in the east German town of Muegeln, Saxony, in August, besieging them in a pizzeria until they were rescued by police.

Three other Germans have been fined for taking part in the attacks. Prosecutors said they did not have enough evidence to charge several other suspects.

The number of victims of far-right violence in Germany jumped by more than 25 percent in the first nine months of this year, and violent anti-Semitic crime was also up, interior ministry data showed last week.

Eastern Germany in particular, where unemployment is about twice as high as in the west, has seen intermittent racist attacks on foreigners since German reunification in 1990.

The far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) entered the regional parliament in the eastern state of Saxony in 2004 with over 9 percent of the vote.


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