GM exhibits first electric car

General Motors, the world's biggest automaker, unveiled a new car that works on electricity.

GM exhibits first electric car

The Chevrolet Volt, with an engine based on E-Flex technology, draws energy from lithium-ion batteries that need to be charged every 65 kilometers.

The Volt has a three-cylinder gas engine and its batteries can be charged in 6.5 hours when plugged into a standard household outlet.

However, GM officials said the battery technology is not yet fully developed and the production will start after proper batteries are ready. The Volt will then travel for more than 40 kilometers with one liter of gas.

The four-seat Volt with a 1024-km total range has a different technology from other gasoline-electric hybrids such as the Toyota Prius.

Other vehicles drive short distances on battery power and make longer trips using a gasoline engine but the Volt's gas engine is not connected to the wheels.

The Volt's three-cylinder engine turns only a 53-kilowatt generator to charge the battery pack.

The engine supplies electricity for the 160 horsepower motor that drives the car's front wheels.

The Volt is estimated to have annual fuel savings of about 2,000 liters and fuel costs of $900 together with the electricity costs.

The new car has been on exhibit in the Detroit Auto Show since Sunday.

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