'Greek Cyprus election symbolizes a change': Talat

President Mehmet Ali Talat of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) said Thursday the first round of "presidential" election in the Greek Cypriot administration symbolizes a change.

'Greek Cyprus election symbolizes a change': Talat
"I believe Cyprus problem can be solved till the end of this year," he said in a meeting in Turkish Cypriot city of Gazimagusa.

Talat said they are not putting forth a date, condition or precondition but they are only setting a target date. "It is enough time to reach a settlement till the end of 2008, and a hope has emerged."

Talat on Kosovo

On the other hand, Talat said Kosovan independence is a good example of correct policies, and told that Kosovo has come to these days thanks to its policies in harmony with the world.

"What we are also doing is a policy in line with the world. The world wants a settlement and reunification in Cyprus, it does not acknowledge two separate states (in the island)," he also said.

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