Greek police probe 'letter with bullets' to minister

Greece's anti-terrorism squad is investigating a threat to the country's labour minister after she received a letter in an envelope containing six bullets, Greek police said on Friday.

Greek police probe 'letter with bullets' to minister
Recently appointed Labour Minister Fani Palli Petralia is leading the government's push to reform the country's ailing pension system, prompting union opposition and repeated strikes.

"This morning the minister received an envelope which had in it six bullets and a threatening note," a Greek police official who declined to be named told Reuters. "The anti-terrorist division is now investigating the contents."

Police did not say what was written on the note.

"We do not have time for jokes that are in poor taste," the labour minister told reporters. "We have serious issues to deal with."

The government has said the current pension system is in danger of going bankrupt within 15 years.

While a reform bill is still awaited, the government has outlined broad changes, including merging more than 150 funds into about four-six main ones, raising retirement age limits in some job categories.

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