Greeks begin wave of strikes against pension reforms

Thousands of students and teachers marched through central Athens Monday as part of a planned wave of strikes against education and social security reforms.

Greeks begin wave of strikes against pension reforms
Shouting slogans against the conservative government, re-elected just two months ago, more than 2,000 students marched towards parliament along with teachers.

Students are protesting planned education reforms which include the launch of private universities and are demanding greater funding.

The powerful journalists' union said that it will also launch a 24-hour nationwide strike on Tuesday and join doctors, bank workers and state employees in a nationwide general strike on December 12, a clear sign of worker dissatisfaction.

The journalists' strike will disrupt newspaper production, public television news broadcasts and internet sites.

Unions are protesting pension reform plans which they say will raise retirement ages while cutting benefits to millions of future retirees.

The strikes follow the presentation of the 2008 budget to parliament last week, which foresees controlled public spending, a further lowering of the deficit and higher taxes.


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