Gül against Sarkozy's idea

President Abdullah Gul said the Mediterranean Union project could not be an alternative for Turkey's full membership to the EU.

Gül against Sarkozy's idea
In an interview with the French Daily Le Figaro, President Gul said Turkey's relations with the EU had legal foundations and stated that the negotiations for its membership are underway.

Gul said Turkey is part of the Barcelona process in which the Mediterranean Union Project --proposed by French President Sarkozy- has been debated.

Answering a question on the French opposition to Turkey's membership to the EU, Gul said Turkish-French relations had a historical dimension and in the past France served as a gateway to Europe for Turkey .

"Nobody doubts that there are more Renault brand cars in the the streets of Istanbul than in Paris," added Gul.

Answering a question regarding the resolution on the incidents of 1915 submitted to the French Parliament, Gul said this draft contradicts with the freedom of expression that France was loyal to.

When asked about the possibility of Turkey launching a crossborder operation to the north of Iraq, Gul said the instability in northern Iraq made this region a safe haven for the terrorist organisation and said Turkey would absolutely not tolerate PKK's attacks.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 28 Kasım 2007, 13:45