Gul: Election showed public approves me as candidate

Turkish FM Abdullah Gul evaluated the situation after the election victory and said he will be a candidate for presidency again in the press meeting today,

Gul: Election showed public approves me as candidate

M.Hasan UNCULAR / Worldbulletin

Turkish FM Abdullah Gul said that the Turkish democracy got stronger after the election and this is something everyone should be proud of.

Gul reminding that the basic principle of democracy is pluralism, said in spite of the hot summer weather, most of the voters went to vote on the election day and this is a pleasing situation.

In the press meeting, Gul said that his party is the only party that got votes from all the regions of Turkey. "Our nation gave great responsibility to us by voting for us so high and it owned democracy. Turkish woman is represented in the parliament at the highest level in the history of Republic by our party. And we are proud of this."

Gul also pointed out that after a very fast-resulting election the dignity of our country got higher.

Concerning the presidency he said that "the will of the nation should be reflected to the parliament. After the election the public showed its will clearly and we cannot neglect this."

Pointing out that a new page is opened in the history of the Turkish Republic, Gul said that they did not have a hurry to decide about the presidency but clearly he will be a candidate for the presidency.

Gul said that after negotiating within his party and with the other parties in the parliament the presidency election will be held in Turkey.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 25 Temmuz 2007, 13:49