haal: True peace made through resistance

Khaled Mishaal, affirmed that no liberation could be achieved without resistance

haal: True peace made through resistance

The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, supreme political leader, Khaled Mishaal, affirmed Friday that no liberation could be achieved without resistance, stressing, "True peace is the peace made through resistance".

In a symposium held in the Qatari capital, Doha, the top Hamas political leader clarified that the present Hamas tour of a number of Muslim and Arab countries is a message to the whole world that the Palestinian people enjoy an Arab and Muslim depth. The tour also serves as a step forward to enhance such a concept, he added.

"The Palestinian populace opted to vote for Hamas, bearing in their minds what does such an option mean and cost. They voted for the change, reform, resistance, and steadfastness. Thus, Hamas, backed by the Arab and Muslim Ummah as well as all free people of the world, will shoulder the trust and responsibility of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, West Bank, the 1948-occupied Palestinian lands, and those living in diaspora", he underlined.

Mishaal stressed, "Hamas will restore the Palestinian question's momentum through boosting the national unity, rallying all Palestinians inside and outside the homeland, and opening more channels of communications with the international community based on preserving the Palestinian people's national constants and retrieving all their usurped legal rights".

"Hamas will not be intimidated by threats here and there as its language is simple and easy to understand. It is a language of truth and steadfastness, and addresses a just question without enmity with anyone save those who occupied the Palestinian lands and drove its citizens out of it at gunpoint to settle in their places", he added.

He pointed out that the world will bow to the Palestinian people's will if Hamas along with the Palestinian people remained firm on their legal rights, highlighting the significance of the Russian invitation and the French support of such an invitation. He expressed confidence that all blockades will come to an end and the world will be open to Hamas.

"The role of our Palestinian people in the diaspora is of unlimited significance and must be activated to form with Palestinians in the homeland one united block that would support the Palestinian question, and win back all our usurped legal rights", he pointed out.

He addressed the world saying, "If you want peace, then you are welcome based on retrieving our lands, holy shrines, and legal rights. The international community must understand that we have two options, either to have peace based on restoration of all legal rights, or to continue resistance and steadfastness. Our hearts remain open for all those who want to champion our cause".

He concluded his speech with statements condemning the blasphemous cartoons published by western newspapers insulting the most dignified man on earth ever, Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon, asserting that future will be for Muslims.

Source: Palestinian Information Center

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