Hakim demands US equips Iraqis with weapons 'fast'

The Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) Sunday demanded the US swiftly supplies the Iraqi forces with weapons to enable them to perform their duties adequately.

Hakim demands US equips Iraqis with weapons 'fast'
The demand was expressed during the recent Washington visit by SCIRI leader Abdelaziz Al-Hakim in his meetings with US President George W. Bush and Secretaries of State Condoleezza Rice and of Defense Robert Gates, as well as with a host of Congressmen.

A SCIRI statement which revealed this demand added the leader urged US officials to work on ending UN Chapter VII provisions concerning Iraq, and said such a step is considered vital for Iraqi sovereignty from the Iraqi point of view.

According to the same statement, the demands were met favorably which would likely to reflect positively on Iraq's future.

Al-Hakim ended a week-long visit to the US September 5, during which he underwent medical checkups that confirmed complete recovery from lung cancer.


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