Hamas denounces Danish paper, demands apology

Hamas, denounced the caricatures published in a Danish newspaper is not acceptable by any faith or moral ethics.

Hamas denounces Danish paper, demands apology

Hamas, in a press release a copy of which was made available to the PIC, said that the Movement followed up with concern the issue of that publication on 30/9/2005 in Denmark and on 10/1/2006 in Norway, which harmed the feelings of hundreds of millions of Muslims.

"We appeal to the Arab and Muslim governments to convey the Muslim feelings of anger over such an insult to the Danish and Norwegian governments," the statement said, hoping those governments would exercise all forms of political and diplomatic pressures on the two European states to end such "systematic campaigns that only aim at spreading spitefulness and hatred of Islam, its holy symbols and its believers."

Hamas further asked for an apology on the part of the two Scandinavian countries that would cope with the great offense.

"We, in the Hamas Movement, strongly back the calls that spread in the Arab and Muslim countries for the boycott of Danish and Norwegian products out of rejection to any insult to the great prophet," the release concluded.

Source: Palestinian Information Center

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