Hamas denounces UN Resolution 181

Islamic Hamas movement on Thursday renewed its rejection to United Nations Resolution No. 181 on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of its adoption, calling it a "resolution of partition."

Hamas denounces UN Resolution 181
The resolution, issued in 1947, a year before Israel, called for the establishment of two states on the lands of historic Palestine, one Jewish and one Arab.

"Palestine is one unified geographical unit, and can never be partitioned or sliced by resolutions or agreements," said a Hamas leaflet sent to the press on the occasion of the anniversary, stressing "there is no compromise on the Arab and Islamic characteristics of Palestine."

Hamas held the UN responsible "for issuing the unfair resolution 181 which divided Palestine and for the suffering and pain our people had passed over the past 60 years."

"The resolution legalized the partition of the lands of Palestine between its legal residents, who were expelled out of it by force, and the illegal new comers of Jews and Zionists," said the Hamas leaflet.

It added that according to the resolution, "the Jews would get 56 percent of the land, while its legal owners get 44 percent of Palestine, and considered the soil of Jerusalem an international city."

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) agreed to resolve the Palestinian issue and the conflicts with Israel according to the UN resolutions 242, 338 and181.

Israel and the Palestinians agreed in Annapolis, Maryland in the United States during an U.S.-sponsored Mideast peace conference on Tuesday to launch peace talks to resolve the conflict and establish an independent Palestinian state on territories occupied by Israel in 1967.

"This anniversary of partition coincided with Annapolis conference. The United States wanted through this conference to eliminate the Palestinian cause in order to complete the chapters of conspiracy," said the Hamas leaflet.

In the leaflet, Hamas pledged to continue armed resistance against Israel.

"We are determined with the help of Allah to uproot this gland of cancer (Israel) by armed resistance, no matter what cost of blood and sacrifices we will pay. What has been taken by force should be regained by force," read the leaflet.


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