Hamas-Fatah unofficial talks continue despite wide differences

Contacts between Hamas and Fatah officials in West Bank were going on despite wide differences, Hamas officials announced Wednesday, responding to conflicting reports.

Hamas-Fatah unofficial talks continue despite wide differences
Hamas leaders, Hussien Abu Kwaik and Faraj Romana, said the difference was back to the security compounds which Hamas recieved in Gaza.

Fatah determines that Hamas gives up control on the security before any dialogue while Hamas demands the opposite." Hamas sees that handing over the security headquarters should be a result of the dialogue which will focus on restructuring and reforming the security services."

The statement termed the contact as "an exchange of point of views," noting that it was still early to talk about an agreement on a package of principles between the two movements. "It is still immature and there is still difference in the views."

In June, Hamas routed forces loyal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah and took over Gaza Strip. Abbas sacked a Hamas-led coalition but the Islamic movement continued to rule Gaza.


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