Hamas: Postponing ballot reinforces lawlessness, prisoners must participate

Sheikh Said Seyam, a prominent Hamas leader and a PLC candidate on the "Change & Reform" list

Hamas: Postponing ballot reinforces lawlessness, prisoners must participate

 said that postponement or cancellation of the legislative elections slated for 25th January would break the back of the Palestinian people.
These comments came during election campaigning at the Tuffah neighbourhood in Gaza city. He added that postponing or cancelling the elections will reinforce lawlessness.

Seyam said that Hamas decided to participate in the elections to help the Palestinian people and reinforce confidence and to protect the resistance, adding: "We do not view participation in the PLC as an aim in itself, but we view it as a way of fighting corruption and improving the situation of our nation as we viewed resistance as means of liberation."

He also said that the candidates his movement selected were amongst its most educated cadres in various disciplines.

Replying to a question from the audience on negotiations with Israel, he said that his movement will not negotiate with Israel and that the PLO is doing that at the moment but he believed that the PLO should be restructured and that the Palestinian people should be consulted on whether to negotiate or not.

Regarding the truce he said: "The truce has ended, but that does not mean that we are going to declare a nuclear war against occupation, [rather] we use the right resistance tools for each stage." Adding: "We want to have the right atmosphere for the elections."

A statement issued by the Change & Reform list also called for the participation of Palestinian prisoners in the upcoming elections both as voters and as candidates.

The statement said that the occupation authorities should facilitate campaigning for those prisoners who running for PLC elections and that PA should put pressure on Israel and use its international relations to push for such participation of Palestinian prisoners.

Source: The Palestinian Information Center

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