Hamas ready to study any cease-fire initiative

The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) is ready to study any cease-fire proposal "that can secure the restoration of the Palestinian people's rights," a spokesman for the movement said on Monday.

Hamas ready to study any cease-fire initiative
"Hamas clearly says that the problem was not at the Palestinian side or with the resistance because we are the side that falls under aggression," the spokesman Fawzi Barhoom told reporters in Gaza.

Barhoom's remarks came in response to French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner's offer to mediate between Israel and Hamas to reach a ceasefire.

Welcoming "the new European trend," Barhoom said the calmness should also secure the lift of the Israeli closure on Gaza Strip and the halting of the Israeli attacks.

"The European stance is being formed in a new shape especially after the Israeli crimes in Gaza and West Bank were unveiled and after the failure of Annapolis conference, Paris conference and (U.S. President George W.) Bush's visit to the region," Barhoom said, referring to U.S.-backed efforts meant to bolster Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah movement against Hamas.

Hamas ousted Fatah from Gaza last June after routing pro-Abbas security forces, taking over the impoverished enclave.

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