Hamas rejects Spanish FM intervention in PLC elections

The Hamas' media spokesman, Mushir Al-Masri, dismissed Spanish foreign minister Miguel Angel Moratinos' visit to the the Fatah Movement's Ramallah election campaign headquarters as a "blunt interference in the Palestinian legislative elections".

Hamas rejects Spanish FM intervention in PLC elections

"Israel and some international and European parties want special Palestinian legislative elections compatible with their interests and policies. However, the future would prove to Moratinos, the Europeans, and Americans, that Hamas is an extremely important part of the Palestinian people," Masri told reporters.

On the other hand, the Spanish foreign minister said that the visit was not intended to politically support Fatah Movement, but rather to back up the Palestinian democratic process.

"I'm supporting all Palestinian democratic parties, as they are friends of mine," said Moratinos.

However, the Spanish chief diplomat underscored that he wouldn't visit Hamas election campaign premises based in the same district.

For his part, the PA information minister and head of Fatah election campaign, Nabil Shaath, alleged that Moratinos' trip wasn't regarded as an interference in the Palestinian internal affairs.

"The Europeans are impartial, and Moratinos is our great friend. And we welcome the European support for our elections and democracy," said Shaath, who received the Spanish foreign minister during his tour of Fatah campaign headquarters.

Fatah elements attempt to assault Hamas' PLC hopeful:
Meanwhile, Fatah activists on Thursday attempted to assault Dr. Ghazi Hamad, a Hamas' PLC aspirant, while taking part along with many Palestinian factions' parliamentary nominees in public debate held Thursday in Rafah city, the PIC correspondent said.

The report said that Fatah elements threw a chair before Hamad in a failed bid to attack him, however, he said, the Hamas' candidate eluded the assault after his bodyguards overpowered the assailants.

A Fatah leader later contacted Hamad apologizing to him for such an "irresponsible act", according to the report.

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