Hamas takes essential step towards change and reform in Ramallah

New administrative body is elected and more reformatory measures are taken

Hamas takes essential step towards change and reform in Ramallah

The administrative board of the Ramallah and El-Bireh water authority held a meeting Friday where a new administrative body was elected and more reformatory measures were taken.

The meeting was attended by a number of important figures in the twin West Bank cities, including Omar Hamayel, vice-mayor of El-Bireh city, and Janet Michael, mayor of Ramallah city, among other municipal councilors of both municipalities.

The conferees elected Hamayel as the new authority chairman with lawyer Rabei Rabie as his deputy. Michael was elected to the tender and bidding committee.

The first decision taken by the new chairman, who is a member of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, was to cut off salaries of the authority's board by 25%, and not to link their salaries with any increase in living conditions.

Many observers hailed the step, regarding it as a crucial step towards the aspired reform and change in the PA-run lands.

Meanwhile, a delegation grouping a number of successful Hamas MPs visited the girls' orphanage in Nablus city, listening to the quandaries faced by the orphanage in its bid to provide the orphans with the best services possible.

The visit was highly appreciated by officials of the orphanage and left a good impression in the hearts of the orphan girls.

Source: Palestinian Information Center

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