Hamas welcomes attorney general unveiling of corruption files

Hamas starts to investigate corruption files from PA.

Hamas welcomes attorney general unveiling of corruption files

The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, hailed the brave step taken by Ahmed Al-Mughanni, PA attorney-general (AG) in unmasking a number of corruption files where hundreds of millions of dollars that were supposedly channeled to the Palestinian people were embezzled by PA high-ranking officials, and promised to take more radical steps in this regard when it assumes power.

"Fraud and corruption are considered the second most dangerous enemy of the Palestinian people after the Zionist occupation, and we view it as one of the main causes of our economic dilemmas and crisis as we believe that solving this problem will help a lot in easing the hand twisting practice the US and EU are trying to do in blackmailing our people", said MP Salah Al-Bardaweel of Hamas in Khan Younis district.

He shrugged off reports suggesting that the unveiling of those files in this point of time was meant at preempting Hamas' anticipated efforts in eradicating corruption in the PA institutions, and a step to polish the tarnished PA image, saying, "Indeed Hamas is supporting every constructive step in this regard as we will enforce more rules and regulations to stop this social quandary".

For its part, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) hailed the step as its spokesman considered it as a step forward in the path of reform and administrative transparency.

Meanwhile, recurrence of stealing greenhouses in former Israeli settlements was noticeably increasing as the PA-popular army formed in the aftermath of the Israeli pullout to protect former settlements lands had surprisingly abandoned their mission in the wake of Hamas' victory in the elections, leaving it to stealers to wreak havoc in them.

Bardaweel urged the PA and its security apparatuses and policemen to stop those "mischievous" people, and to carry out their mandate in protecting those lands being the authority in charge till now.

Source:Palestinian Information Center

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