Haneyya: Hamas prepared comprehensive, integrated reform program

HAMAS declares her comprehensive and integrated election program before PLC elections.

Haneyya: Hamas prepared comprehensive, integrated reform program

Gaza - The prominent leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, in Gaza Strip Sheikh Ismail Haneyya affirmed that his Movement had prepared a full, comprehensive, and integrated election program that would deal with all Palestinian issues and achieve radical reforms in all aspects of the Palestinian life.

"We, in Hamas, want to achieve our political legitimacy after we succeeded in accomplishing our popular and Jihad legitimacy as we did prepare an integrated program for the PLC elections that will deal with all political, economic, security, and social reforms among other aspects. We are seriously mulling creation of our private satellite.. We will also establish complaint centres in all Palestinian districts", he added.

"Once we win the elections, we will form a strong parliamentary force backed by the Palestinian popular and political forces yearning for change. We shall protect the resistance and its fighters. We shall prevent political detention or any detention based on resisting the occupation. We shall form a force spurring to achieve the Palestinian people's aspirations and protecting them", he underlined.

He asserted, "The US administration is worried that we ascend to power through democratic elections as it knows very will what that means. It means that there is a popular will that wants to take the legitimate Palestinian resistance into political legitimacy. America wants Palestinian resistance to remain without any legitimate political cover so as to keep the Israeli hand free against it".

Haneyya affirmed that Hamas will actively participate in drafting legislations that would form a strong shield in protecting the resistance and all civil and social rights of the Palestinian people.

The Hamas leader urged Arab countries to extend a helping hand to the Palestinian people by recruiting more Palestinian professionals, including engineers, physicians, accountants, businessmen, farmers, and laborers so as to form an alternative to working for Israelis in the 1948-occpied lands on the one hand, and to boost the Palestinian national economy on the other hand.

He addressed the United States, saying, "Hamas is not a terrorist Movement, but rather a resistance Movement striving to retrieve the usurped rights of the Palestinian people and to stop Israeli aggressions. We limit our resistance to our country as we have no problem with any country other than the Israeli occupation government".

"We are enemies of Zionists who came from different countries and occupied our lands. They massacred our children and drove hundreds of thousands of our people outside our country at gunpoint and dwelled in their places. History indeed tells us the Jews have experienced the most safe period of their history when they were under the protection of the Muslim civilization based on their own testimonies", he concluded.

Source: The Palestinian Information Center

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