'Hudson' alarm in Beyoglu district

The Beyoglu Police Department in Istanbul has taken tight security measures in the wake of the 'Beyoglu bomb attack' scenarioes held at Hudson Institute.

'Hudson' alarm in Beyoglu district
Following the press leak of the possible scenarios claimed to have been discussed at US think tank the Hudson Institute, the Beyoğlu Police Department in İstanbul is taking tight security measures in the wake of the "Beyoğlu bomb attack" scenarios discussed.

The Beyoğlu Police Department began conducting routine security checks in strategic locations of the district such as consulates, big shopping malls, important business centers and religious places.

The police will continue conducting these checks until it determines that the danger has passed.

Other than the scenario that 50 people would lose their lives in a terrorist act claimed by the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), other possible scenarios discussed at the Hudson Institute contained a plot where the recently retired chief of Turkey's Constitutional Court, Tülay Tuğcu, would be assassinated and a cross-border operation would be carried out by the Turkish military into Iraq after the bomb attack in Beyoğlu.

The Hudson Institute is known for its anti-Islamic discourse and neocon stance, positions favored at the time of the US invasion of Iraq.

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