Hundreds of mayors from around world to meet in Turkish city

Turkish central city of Konya will host over 400 mayors from around the world for the 11th World Conference of the League of Historical Cities from June 10th to 13th.

Hundreds of mayors from around world to meet in Turkish city

Konya is home to several Anatolian civilizations and their traces, Tahir Akyurak, Mayor of Konya, told a press conference on Wednesday.

Akyurek said mayors of 410 cities, such as Vienna, Boston, Prague, Hong Kong, Madrid, Baghdad and Kyoto, as well as 230 Turkish mayors were expected to participate in the conference.

"The world will meet in Konya. It would be a chance for us to promote Konya and Turkey at the conference. Presentations to be made at the conference by Turkish and foreign academicians from several universities will be translated into Turkish, Arabic, English, Russian and Japanese. Participants will also be able to tour historical places of Konya and have a one-day trip to Cappadocia," he said.

Separately, Secretary-General of the League of Historical Cities, Hisakazu Takagi, said that Konya was at an important cultural junction.

He said, "this historical city knows how to protect its cultural heritage."


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