Hundreds of Palestinian protest cemetery defilement

Hundreds of Palestinian citizens in the occupied city of Jerusalem heeded on Wednesday a call made by the Aqsa foundation, catering for the holy shrines in Palestine, for holding a sit-in rally before the Israeli supreme court in Jerusalem in protest over

Hundreds of Palestinian protest cemetery defilement

Prominent Muslim leaders, including Sheikh Ra'ed Salah, the renowned head of the influential Islamic Movement inside the 1948-occupied lands, and Sheikh Ekrema Sabri, Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine, among other prominent figures were present.

The two well-known Sheikhs urged the Israeli occupation government to halt all construction and excavation works carried out by a certain Israeli construction company, affirming that such works were blatant violation of the sanctity of the dead. They described the sacrilegious act as a "heinous crime".

The cemetery contains remains of revered Muslim figures and apostles of Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him.

The cemetery's case was referred to the Israeli Supreme Court to rule on it.

"Zionist institutions, including the Jerusalem municipality, are backing the extremist company that went ahead with the construction works in spite of a restraining order issued by the court", said Husni Abu Hussein, lawyer of the plaintiff.

He added, "Vast portions of the cemetery's lands were seized by the successive Israeli occupation governments as a number of American-Jewish wealthy personalities, including Ervin Muscovites, one of the US casinos and gambling houses' Jewish tycoons, among other wealthy Americans contributed in the cost of construction.

On the other hand, The Israeli occupation government visibly started the judaizing process of the Jordan Valley as it was for a long time declaring it already started transporting to the Valley more Israeli soldiers and their families to settle there.

Well-informed Palestinian security and local sources affirmed that at least 20 Israeli soldiers and their families were brought into the Valley and given temporary places to settle while more settlements were currently under construction.

The IOF chased and kicked out Palestinian shepherds in the area as they confiscated identification cards of a number of Palestinian citizens, mostly farmers, at the Tayaseer checkpoint, close to the Valley.

Palestinian shepherds in the area affirmed in a statement to the PIC correspondent that Israeli soldiers informed them on Monday that they should leave the area immediately, because it will be declared as a close security zone area.

More than two million Palestinians living in the West Bank will be denied access to the fertile Valley that is considered the backbone of the Palestinian economy in the West Bank.

The Israeli war minister, Shaul Mofaz, repeatedly stated that the Hebrew state would annex the Valley, which, in his view, forms an important strategic security zone for the Hebrew state.

Source: Palestinian Information Center

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