India to import 347 main battle tanks from Russia

India will import 347 T-90S main-battle tanks from Russia in a sign of strong defence ties between the close allies.

India to import 347 main battle tanks from Russia
"These 347 tanks will be in addition to the 310 T-90S tanks already imported by India from Russia," Indias leading English daily The Times of India reported Saturday quoting a source in the Indian Defence Ministry.

"While the 124 tanks will be imported in fully-formed condition, the rest 223 will come in semi-knocked down condition to be reassembled at Indias Heavy Vehicles Factory at Avadi in Southern state of Tamil Nadu. After payment of the first installment by India, Russia will supply the first 124 tanks in 29 months, with the rest to follow 11 months later," The Times of India said. The factory at Avadi is presently producing another 1,000 T-90S tanks under transfer of technology from Russia.

Russia still remains Indias largest defence supplier. The total value of Indias ongoing defence projects with Russia is more than 10 billion usd.

India also has agreed to join Russia in two mega projects, the fifth-generation fighter aircraft and the multi-role military transport aircraft.

"The Indian Army plans to have 21 regiments of T-90S tanks and 40 regiments of upgraded T-72 M1 tanks by 2020.

With a total of around 3,800 main-battle tanks, supported by infantry combat vehicles, the Army wants to acquire the potent capability to unleash the speed and shock effect of mechanised forces whenever required," the daily said.


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