Indictment on Semdinli Stirs Ankara

The indictment Van Prosecutor Ferhat Sarikaya prepared on the Semdinli case has changed the agenda in the Turkish capital over the last few days. Land Forces Commander Gen. Yasar Buyukanit is accused of "influencing the judiciary" and "of forming an organ

Indictment on Semdinli Stirs Ankara

Chief of Turkish General Staff Gen. Hilmi Ozkok met Buyukanit and other force commanders yesterday morning. The steps to be taken were discussed in detail. The indictment is taken in an attempt to hamper the possible assignment of Buyukanit to the chief of the staff after Ozkok resigns in June. The Chief of General Staff following the meeting requested a meeting with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the two met for an hour yesterday. In the afternoon, Prime Ministry Spokesman Akif Beki issued a statement saying that Erdogan, through the media, is following the statements related to Buyukanit mentioned in the indictment. Beki said this is an issue independent of the government and is related to the judiciary. The ruling Justice and Development Party Acting Parliamentary Group Leader Irfan Gunduz held a press conference at parliament and said, "A link is trying to be established between the government and the indictment. I oppose this."

Gen. Buyukanit defends himself: I am honored to be tried

Buyukanit giving his assessments to Hurriyet daily on the allegations made against him in the indictment, said he will be honored to be tried and added, "I will defend myself. This is an honor for me. I dedicated my life to the existence of the Republic of Turkey, I fought in the mountains for this case and I will voice my opinions at court."

Cicek points at the legal process: Neither Army nor Judiciary has substitute

Government Spokesman Cemil Cicek made assessments about the charges against Buyukanit as, "Neither the Army nor the Judiciary has substitutes." Everyone is innocent until proven guilty Cicek reminded. "My government and I regard the Turkish Armed Forces as one of the distinguished institutions of the country," he added. As for the claims suggesting that this is an attempt to block Buyukanit from advancing in the general staff, Cicek said these are baseless.

2 different comments from main opposition

Baykal: Coup attempt against the military

To the indictment of the Semdinli Case, Turkey's main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) made two different comments. CHP leader Deniz Baykal said after national education, it is now time to intervene in the Turkish Armed Forces. "There is a coup attempt against the Armed Forces," he claimed.

Canan: Prosecutor did his job

However, an eyewitness to the incidents that took place in the southeastern Turkish town of Semdinli in November, CHP Hakkari Representative Esat Canan, has different opinions. According to Canan, the prosecutor did his job and the discussions should not to be taken to a different point, he underlined. Canan added. "No one has the right to intervene in the judicial process. Those who were previously reluctant are now becoming unnerved."


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