Indonesia builds new Air Force base

The Indonesian Air Force is building a new base in East Kalimantan province which shares land border with Malaysia.

Indonesia builds new Air Force base

When the military airbase in the town of Tarakan is completed, the Air Force would station jet fighters there to anticipate possible security disturbances in border areas, a high-ranking officer said Wednesday.

"We have several types of fighter planes to be stationed alternately in Tarakan airbase when it is fully operational," Air Force Operations Command Chief Rear Marshal Benyamin Dandel was quoted by the national Antara news agency as saying.

The jet fighters could be Russian-made Sukhois, U.S.-made F-16sor British-made Hawks, he added.

The Tarakan municipal administration had since 2007 cleared 108 hectares out of a promised 168 hectares of land for the Air Force base, the agency said.


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