Indonesians Unmoved by Israeli Website

The Indonesian government and the country's largest Muslim organizations gave the cold shoulder to a Indonesian-language website launched by Israel.

Indonesians Unmoved by Israeli Website

"It is one of Israel's ways to boost its public diplomacy," Dr Desra Pecaya, Foreign Affairs spokesman, told

He asserted that the Indonesian government would not change its current policy linking any relations with Israel to its withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian territories.

The spokesman said Israel must abide by all UN resolutions, including on the establishment of Palestinian state, if it wants Jakarta to consider diplomatic relation.

"It is still far for Israel to make it possible."

The Israeli Foreign Ministry launched on Monday, December 18, a Web site in the Indonesian language to promote dialogue with citizens of the world's most populous Muslim country.

The site, hosted by the Israeli Embassy in Singapore, features articles as well as information on the Israeli economy and culture.

Desra said Israel has the right to use media as a vehicle to make public relation as long as the content does not offend Muslims.

"But it's nothing to do with Israel's efforts to open diplomatic ties with Indonesia," he averred.

Two Asian Muslim heavyweights Indonesia and Malaysia have repeatedly refused to consider diplomatic relations with Israel.


Indonesian Council of Ulemas (MUI), the highest grouped-Muslim body, dismissed the Israeli website as apart of Zionist propaganda to beautify its image, especially after loosing the recent war against the Lebanese resistance group Hizbullah.

"Israel is planning to broaden its propaganda into Indonesia," Dr Ma'ruf Amin, deputy chairman of MUI, told IOL.

Ma'ruf said Israel was trying to cover up for killing thousands of Palestinian and Lebanese civilians.

"We have to deter the misinformation by making counter propaganda," stressed the Muslim leader.

A Palestinian website using local language, Info Palestina, has longer been established in Indonesia, providing news of the current situation in Palestine and information on the culture and the history of the occupied country.

"People in the world must know that Israel has deprived the Palestinians of their rights," Ma'ruf insisted.

He urged the Indonesian government to take the Israeli move seriously considering the sensitivity of the issue.

"The government has to be more attentive on this issue, otherwise Muslim people will be on the street."

Ma'ruf cautioned that Indonesia, which has more than seventeen thousand scattered islands and various ethnicities, is too fragile not to be handled well by the government.

Indonesia is the world's most populous country with Muslims marking about 85 percent of its 220 million people.

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