Insult on Islam continues in Denmark


Insult on Islam continues in Denmark

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According to The Copenhagen Post's news given with the headline "Tempest over a headscarf" recently in Denmark, the insult on Islam and the discrimination on the religious beliefs are still going on.

Here is the English translation of the news:

Tempest over a headscarf

By The Copenhagen Post

"Despite a wave of reprisals for the nationalist Danish People's Party over its criticism of Muslim women wearing headscarves, politicians and pundits on the left are also speaking out against the practice.

A Muslim politician's statement that she will continue to wear her headscarf in parliament if elected is making strange political bedfellows, as voices from the political left and right chime in with their criticism of the garment.

 After Asmaa Abdol-Hamid, 25, a local politician from Odense, announced her plans, MP S

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