'International Community Have to Change Mind on Hamas'

Haniya Urges International Community to Change Mind on Hamas

'International Community Have to Change Mind on Hamas'

Palestinian Authority (PA) Prime Minister-designate Ismael Haniya has urged the United States to stop "threatening and blackmailing" the Palestinian people for exercising their democratic choice.

Speaking in Gaza before the Palestinian Legislative Council, Haniya said the new Palestinian government was willing to meet with the Quartet to discuss the best ways and means to end the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian people.

"But let it be known that all economic pressure will not make my government budge."

He described convulsive American statements following the Hamas electoral victory on 25 January "unnecessary and unjustified."

"These decisions and statements hastily taken by the American administration are totally unjustified and don't serve the cause of peace and stability in this part of the world.

"The international community should direct ipressure toward the occupying power, and the occupied people," Haniya said.

Earlier, Haniya said the Hamas-led government was a government of peace, not of confrontation.

He also thanked Russia for choosing the road of dialogue with Hamas, instead of the language of threats, blackmail and bullying.

The Palestinian Legislative Council was expected to approve the government by a wide majority.

Hamas alone controls as many as 74 seats of the 132-seats making up the Palestinian parliament.

Source: The Palestinian Information Center

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