Interview with Turkish President on Russia relations

Cooperation in energy sector is a very important part of the multidimensional partnership between Russia and Turkey, Turkish President Abdullah Gul told Russian news agency ITAR-TASS in an interview.

Interview with Turkish President on Russia relations
Interviewed by ITAR-TASS Deputy Director General, Mikhail Gusman, Turkish president expressed hope for further increase in the volume and scope of cooperation with Russia in the energy area.

"Surely, implementation of the second Blue Stream (natural gas pipeline) project is possible," Gul was quoted as saying.

Turkey serves as a transport corridor for raw materials and it plays a key role both in meeting domestic needs and fuel transmission from the north, west and east to the south.

President Gul stressed that the Russian-Turkish cooperation in this field is of great importance, especially in light of intentions of joint implementation of the Samsun-Ceyhan oil pipeline project.

Speaking about the region's oil and gas infrastructure, the Turkish president said that "raw materials export to India and Japan will be possible due to pipelines which will run direct to the Mediterranean Sea, join the existing ones in the south and approach the ocean".

"These are real intentions. Thus we'll connect Europe with southern regions", said Gul.

"The Turkish-Russian relations will continue to develop at the same level and in all fields after the presidential elections in Russia", the Turkish president also said.

Speaking about military-technical cooperation between the two countries the Turkish President pointed out that Turkey and Russia primarily cooperate in providing security in the Black Sea and safety of transport routes passing through there.

According to the Turkish president, the Russian-Turkish cooperation within the Black Sea region is a pattern for other countries which join the initiative on providing security in the Black Sea region as well.

Gul said that Turkish tenders in defense sphere and military-industrial sector are open for all countries including Russia, adding that Turkey wants to develop relations with Russia in defense industry area as well.

"Cultural aspect is an important ingredient of a strong and vivid bilateral partnership", Abdullah Gul said. He reminded that a number of events were organised in Turkey last year which was declared the Year of Russian Culture here. A Year of Turkish Culture in Russia starts this year. About 2,5 mln of Russian tourists visited Turkey last year.

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