IOF Wounds Six Citizens, Atrocities in West Bank Continue

Six Palestinian citizens, including an ambulance driver, were wounded Wednesday in fresh IOF troops' tank and artillery shelling of populated areas in the densely populated Gaza Strip.

IOF Wounds Six Citizens, Atrocities in West Bank Continue

Reports revealed by Dr. Muawiyah Hassanein, general-director of the emergency department in the PA ministry of health, indicated that one of the wounded Palestinians was ambulance driver Fayez Al-Ajrami who was wounded while performing duty in extending first-aid to his wounded countrymen.

IOF pounding of the Strip didn't come to and end even for a single day for the past two months. It reaped many lives of innocent Palestinian children, women, and elderly people, and wounded scores others amidst unexplained world silence.

In the West Bank, large numbers of IOF troops backed by five military vehicles raided the town of Beit Forik, east of Nablus, rummaging a number of Palestinian homes in it before arresting five Palestinian teens, including four schoolchildren. They released the teens hours later after subjecting them to interrogation.

Other West Bank cities and villages, including Salfit and Tulkarm cities among other cities came under similar IOF troops' incursions where a number of Palestinian youths were rounded up and led to an unidentified place.

Moreover, Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli Negev prison weren't spared from the IOF oppressive measures as Israeli prisons authority (IPA) imposed a mass punishment against 120 inmates for being late at the head count procedure.

There are 2,200 Palestinian prisoners languishing in the said jail under tragic and miserable conditions.

Five Palestinian activists of the Islamic Movement were released from that same jail after being held under administrative detention for months without charge or trial.

Meanwhile, the Israeli intelligence apparatus expressed deep concern over possible Qassam Brigades, armed wing of Hamas, success in developing the Russian-made Grad missile that has a range of 30 km and pose direct strategic threat to Israel.

The IOF top military brass has admitted their inability to abort volleys of Palestinian home-made missiles of smaller range from striking the Israeli depth over the past years.

"Activists of Palestinian factions are freely moving along Egyptian borders with Gaza Strip that enable them to smuggle upgraded weapons and contact certain organizations of high-level military training", claimed Amos Yidlin, head of the Israeli intelligence apparatus.

He also warned of possible kidnapping incident of IOF soldiers and settlers at the hand of Palestinian resistance fighters to swap them with Palestinian prisoners.

Source: The Palestinian Information Center

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