Iran arrests 11 'terrorists' behind deadly bus ambush

Iran's Intelligence Ministry said on Sunday it had arrested 11 members of a terrorist group with foreign links behind an ambush in which a cleric was killed and seven other people were wounded, a news agency said.

Iran arrests 11 'terrorists' behind deadly bus ambush
The attack on a bus in a southwestern province took place in the Iranian month which ended on April 19, the semi-official Mehr News Agency said. The killed cleric was from a town in the eastern province of Khorassan.

The Intelligence Ministry's "agents succeeded in taking in 11 members of the terrorist, mercenary band linked to foreigners in a number of operations", it said, without giving further details.

Last month, Iran made an official protest to the United States, via a Swiss intermediary, about what Tehran says is Washington's support for a group blamed for bombing an Iranian mosque.

Iran has said the United States, Britain and Israel were involved in the explosion in a mosque in the southern city of Shiraz in April that killed 14 people and wounded 200.

Iran and the United States have not had diplomatic ties since 1980.

They are now embroiled in disputes over Iran's nuclear plans.


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