Iran bans imports of Danish products

Commerce Minister Massoud Mir-Kazemi said that Iran decided not to purchase Danish products.

Iran bans imports of Danish products

Mir-Kazemi criticized the Danish government's indifference to the blasphemous cartoons depicting Prophet Mohamad (PBUH).

The Commerce Ministry will not allow Danish brands or products which have been registered in Denmark to clear the customs, he underlined.

On products including medicine and capital goods, he added that Iranian importers including state-affiliated organs and companies have three month to designate substitute products for Danish and then 'we will enforce the law'.

All on-going negotiations or contracts with Denmark which are pending will also suspended, he said, adding, "Furthermore all signed contracts will also be reviewed."
All exchange of delegations between the two countries will also be suspended until further notice.

All state-affiliated organs and private companies including Iran's Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Mines (ICCIM) have expressed readiness to enforce the call.

He said the fees levied on Danish ships docking in Iranian ports will also revert to the previous prices which are much higher than the current fees.

A committee has been formed to review the entry of
Danish-registered ships into Iranian waters.

The total trade between Iran and Denmark is about dlrs 280 million of which a meager dlrs four million pertains to Iran's exports to that country, he said noting that Tehran runs a negative trade balance with Denmark.

On ban of Iranian exports to Denmark, he said Iran's exports to that country are meager.

On European Union's threat that any confrontation with Denmark will be treated as a confrontation with the entire EU, he added that 'the EU can take any action it wants to'.

He said that a committee has been formed to review trade ties with other countries which have published the offensive pictures, Mir-Kazemi added.

Insult to the holy prophet of Islam, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) by a section of the press in Denmark, Norway and Sweden has made Muslim states, including Iranian government and nation, deeply concerned, said Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki here last week.

In separate letters to his Danish, Swiss and Swedish counterparts, Mottaki expressed concern and deplored growing trend of Islamophobia and sacrilege of Islam and Islamic sanctities in certain European states.

The letter underlined the need to respect the values and sanctities of the divine religions not only within the framework of the religious teachings and injunctions but also within the framework of the legal and international regulations, including the
international human rights conventions, calling for safeguarding and observing them.

Mottaki in his letter drew the attention of his European counterparts to the statement at the extraordinary summit of Organization of the Islamic Conference, which had raised strong protest to Islamophobia and distorting the image of Islam worldwide as a form of racism and racial discrimination.

He also recalled the resolutions of the UN Human Rights Commission regarding confronting sacrilegious acts as well as the UN General Assembly resolutions concerning dialogue among civilizations and cultures which reject insult to religions and sanctities.

The letter calls on foreign ministers of the three countries to seriously follow up the issue and inform Iran of the measures adopted in that connection.

Source: IRNA

Güncelleme Tarihi: 20 Eylül 2018, 18:16