Iran launches second sonar-avoiding light submarine

Iran on Wednesday launched a new, domestically made light submarine equipped with sonar-avoiding features in the waters of the Persian Gulf, a report on state television claimed.

Iran launches second sonar-avoiding light submarine
The country's Navy chief, Adm. Habibollah Sayyari, was quoted by the TV as saying the submarine was the second Iranian-built' underwater craft outfitted with the state of the art electronic equipment.'

The television showed a submarine but it was not clear if it was the new one or a craft previously shown.

The submarine, dubbed Ghadir,' is Iran's second domestically made submarine and can fire missiles and torpedoes simultaneously, at unspecified ranges, according to official media.

In 2005, Iran announced it had built the first locally made Ghadir, then described as being able to operate stealthily, undetectable by enemies of the Persian state. At the time, state TV showed a submarine, cruising at sea level.

Iran's defence ministry has commissioned an unspecified number of Ghadir submarines, named for a site in the Arabian Peninsula that's holy to Shia Muslims, the overwhelming majority of Iran's 69 million people.

Teheran has also said it is producing a line of stealth torpedoes that could be launched from helicopters, ships or submarines.

Iranian officials have repeatedly said the Islamic Republic will defend itself should the United States or Israel initiate any aggression.


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