Iran produces skin from fibroblast cells

For the first time in the Middle East, an Iranian scientist has produced natural skin from fibroblast cells, critical in wound healing.

Iran produces skin from fibroblast cells
Fibroblast cells make collagens, glycosaminoglycans, reticular and elastic fibers which play a critical role in healing of wounded and burnt tissues.

"Iran has gained numerous successes in biotechnology and biology of stem cells," said Iran's Health Minister, Kamran Baqeri Lankarani.

"Iranian scientists have succeeded in producing skin tissue by the use of fibroblast cells through biotechnology," Lankarani said, adding, "The produced skin of such type is applied to cover injured tissues and burnt skins."

"Biotechnology is considered an important field of science in Iran and the country is standing at the peak of this particular scientific field. We can even offer new discoveries and innovations in biotechnology in the world," he added.

Press TV

Güncelleme Tarihi: 11 Mart 2008, 17:41