Iran to give 'deserving' response to UN sanctions

Iran on Sunday warned it would hit back with a "deserving" response to new UN Security Council sanctions over its nucleaprogramme.r

Iran to give 'deserving' response to UN sanctions
Britain, France and the United States are seeking a new sanctions resolution could be passed in the coming week.

"In the case of the adoption of the resolution, we will make a deserving action. We will announce our decision at the right time based on the content of the resolution," foreign ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini said.

Hosseini gave no details over what Iran's response could involve.

He also brushed off the prospect of further sanctions, saying that they could only cause "slight problems" for the Islamic republic.

"It is not possible to sanction a country like Iran with so many natural resources and 15 regional neighbours. Sanctions are a defeated measure," he told reporters.

He indicated Iran would never give in to the main demand of world powers over its nuclear programme that it suspends uranium enrichment activities.

"Fighting with the rights of the Iranian nation will bear no more fruit than in the past three decades after the victory of the Islamic revolution. The Iranian nation has showed it will insist on protecting its rights."

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said Friday in its latest report on Iran's nuclear drive that it had made "quite good progress" but was still not in a position to offer a verdict on Tehran's nuclear ambitions.

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