Iraqi Minister meets Turkish businessmen

Iraq's Planning Minister Ali Baban said Thursday that entrepreneurs investing in Iraq at present would soon obtain positive results.

Iraqi Minister meets Turkish businessmen

Baban who is visiting Turkey told a press conference in Istanbul that existing security problems of Iraq was easing gradually.

Baban who regarded Turkey as a irreplaceable trade partner said they were aware of certain problems in trade relations between the two countries adding that some of these were due to the hardships Iraq faced in the last five years.

Iraqi Minister said he hoped the security situation would get better. He said he expected Turkey-Iraq relations to gain momentum should Iraq overcome its problems.

Baban said he had the opportunity to meet with Turkish businessmen in the last two days who communicated to him the problems they encountered in Iraq. He said they would be discussing these problems during the rest of his visit.

Baban invited Turkish companies complying with Iraq's technical criteria to enter tenders in Iraq. He said Iraqi government would soon collect bids for electricity projects.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 29 Ağustos 2008, 13:06