Iraqi official says 45 percent of Iraqi academics are outside Iraq

Iraqi Vice-Minister for Higher Educatioon Monsieur Ammar Azeez Mohammed Ali Hasan said Monday that 45 percent of the total figure of Iraqi academics have either disappeared or outside Iraq.

Iraqi official says 45 percent of Iraqi academics are outside Iraq
The total figure for Iraqi academics inside Iraq today is 19,109 academicians. He added, in a news conference in Geneva, that a great number of them are nuclear physicists and scientists. The Vice-Minister said that there is dialogue currently under way with them to convince them to return to Iraq.

Talking ahead of a meeting organized by the Geneva International Peace Research Institute (GIPRI) on Iraqi universities, he appealed to the world to open their gates and remove the visa restrictions in place and that would hinder Iraqi students and scholars from spending time abroad.

Head of the Babylon project and Sociology Professor rat Baghdad University, Mme Fawzia Al-Attia, told reporters that one of the important aspects of developing higher education in Iraq is the resumption of the exchange student program as well as sabbatical programs for professors abroad.

The Babylon project created by GIPRI in February 2006 and the RISIPRI project, also launched by GIPRI, both aim at creating an International Network of Solidarity with Iraqi researchers with the objective of to support the integration of Iraqi academics in the international scientific community.

Director of UNESCO's Amman office Mohamed Djelid noted that Iraqi academicians abroad and the deteriorating Iraqi higher education system are a double loss for the country and added that in higher education lies the future of Iraq.

He stressed that UNESCO has offered so far since 2004, some 200 short term scholarships for Iraqi students in Europe and North America.

GIPRI Director Gabriel Galice told reporters that this seminar is very important because that there can be no peace without universities and no universities without peace hence the importance of having peace return to Iraq.


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