Iraqi Resistance Topples Defense Minister of Largest Army in the World

The American president's arrogant and condescending George Bush in the position of almost collapse and concede defeat, he announced publicly in the press conference on the dismissal of the Minister of Defense arrogant Rumsfeld

Iraqi Resistance Topples Defense Minister of Largest Army in the World

The American president's arrogant and condescending George Bush in the position of almost collapse and concede defeat, he announced publicly in the press conference on the dismissal of the Minister of Defense arrogant Rumsfeld a few days after the statement by Bush, who announced his full confidence Bramsfield and commitment, regardless of the results of the election Alc profits.Those results, which came as a slap in the face of a sharp American President and his policy on the group and the neoconservatives, who espoused the theory of pre-emptive wars and disasters that led to the great human losses and human toll addition to drag the United States into the quagmires of bloody and humiliating exit appears with water retention Lower difficult and difficult.

"Bush, who began the press conference by emphasizing that he would cooperate with the leader of the Democrats (Nancy Bolozi) - who won the House of Representatives after the mid-term elections, which occurred in the country-, called to overcome differences, however, found himself in the humiliating position of a very embarrassing situation and responding to a question about how he would accept to cooperate with the (Bolozi), which it described as serious and called a, What was it only to emphasize that cooperation because people want this, He pointed out that Bolozi expressed in a telephone conversation willingness to cooperate with him, "This is what I want."

They (Bolozi) had stated after the announcement of the Democrats need to win the departure of Rumsfeld and change the American policy in Iraq, asserting that "the time has come to solve the problem, and not remain another chapter in Iraq.However, it asserted its willingness to work with the Bush team, but in a press conference in the (Capitol Is) explained that Iraq is the main issue, and Bush is the more people who talked about in the election campaign, but he got less votes to the Republican Party, saying that the United States needed to start re-arranging the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. warning that the current situation there is "alarming".

George Bush's rapid response and to demand swift (Nancy Bolozi) dismiss Rumsfeld had followed another response to the demand following the rearrangement of forces to withdraw from Iraq in line with the expectations of many senior American imminent escape from Iraq.

The overwhelming defeat Bush and Rumsfeld had not been excluded at the hands of the American voter, but was it all at the hands of the Iraqi resistance which changed the course of events and created Bbattulatha distinctive and great steadfastness defeat Bush in his backyard.It was the most if not all of American opinion polls indicate overwhelming support for President Bush in the invasion and occupation of Iraq in the beginning, which is to imagine the military as a picnic, especially Americans and the Iraqi people have made heavy wrongs of the past wars and suffocation economic sanctions unfair and unjust embargo.Add to this the role of intelligence brazen inspection teams to the United Nations, which revealed to the United States on the back of the Iraqi military and exposed Khvaiah Aurath and security.

Right from the Iraqi resistance that celebrates the early signs of the big victory, God, this resistance, which started almost a legend and record and withstood the biggest military machine in history, which dealt with the Iraqi affair with extreme brutality and cruelty of injury.It is the duty of the entire world, alienated and east to extend my thanks and appreciation to the resistance, which managed Bbattulatha brilliant and sacrifices that American and unrestrained savagery which deal with the world and its laws, international disrespect and disregard.

.We have broken the resistance chauvinism President Bush and his gang filled with hatred against Arabs and Muslims and ended the arrogance and impudence Rumsfeld, which deals in his press conferences and in his dealings with the world in general conference fashion. When he arrived, Bush's judgment in his first term, announced before the events of September on the resumption of tests of ballistic missiles, objected, the defense ministers on the matter What was Rasfeld but mocked them and the old continent to which they belong.

When the media reports on the imminent reconciliation between Iraq before the occupation of Kuwait, Rumsfeld shook the matter, likening Kuwait happy in its relationship with its neighbor Iraq, which like Palkot.Rumsfeld's statements and positions, which were empty of tact and taste, on the whole, constituted a milestone in the march of the man and his group of conservatives who wanted to make the twenty-first century - according to a study them - century American, the American chapter, the word elongated hand, with military bases in all parts of the world. States and governments accountable for their intentions, according to the American reading and launch pre-emptive wars and to spread the culture shock and intimidation.
The victory of the Iraqi resistance indirect George W. Bush's administration in the territory of the United States, instrumental and automatically victory directly on the Iraqi land and the liberation of Iraq from the criminal occupation of the country was destroyed and looted and destroyed Babbad and Azham and humiliated them. .America's pre-race America is not now, America, which were the focus of the same judge to the world in matters of human rights and freedom from reprimand for violating its claim to be committed and praise no longer convince one after Ghraib and based, modern and tragedy Abir and other much to be revealed by the coming days. America and routed largely in the field moral and principled, this defeat is the premise of the defeat of the American military in the field of non-front.

Source: Iraqi Rabita

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